Heroes: Five Years Gone

I have to admit, Mr. Kring, that last night’s episode was better than some of your most recent episodes have been. It wasn’t blow-you-out-of-the-water good, it wasn’t showstopping or jawdropping, but the scripting was at least consistent and driving all the way to the end. I didn’t notice any glaring holes in the plot, no strange turns-of-phrase, nothing but a terrifying glimpse of a possible future.

One thing you _have_ done very adequately, Mr. Kring, is create characters that we all care about. I was all aquiver inside as I watched my favorite characters – one who _should_ have been allies and friends – duke it out, to the detriment of them all. I watched in horror as some of my favorites died and as the brutal scope of your terrible villain’s plans came to light. These characters are believable and likable because, special powers aside, they are all just like you and me – people with loves and hates, struggling just to do the best they can in life. They find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place, at odds with the people they love and trust and with doing what is right. Last night’s episode demonstrated just how easily a person’s loyalties may become divided and how they may ultimately end up serving evil unintentionally, all from the pursuit of _trying_ to do what is right. The path of choices – both good and bad – can often lead to unintended destinations.

It was kind of cool to get a better look at our heroes to see how much better they might be able to handle their abilities in the near future. Peter is especially formidable, which his peculiar ability to absorb the powers of the others and master them, as well. It was gratifying to be proven right on one of my predictions, yet again – to see Nikki and Jessica unified, with no loss of her singular strength and power. We can only hope now that the future that Hiro and the others create through stopping Peter from destroying New York City and Sylar from killing everyone else will be better than the one that we saw last night.

What _did_ Hiro learn from his brief jaunt into the future? Certainly he met a couple of the other specials. And he learned, through Isaac’s art, that it is his fate to kill Sylar. He learned about one possible future, one which he now hopes to put a stop to and change for the better. But most of the other plot points and information that the audience learned was withheld from Hiro. So it will be up to him and the others to somehow determine what the catalyst is for Peter’s explosion and douse the fuse before it can create the cataclysm that destroys the world.

I approve of this episode, Mr. Kring, and I sincerely hope that the writing will only get better. I’m still waiting for another “Wow!” episode, like unto the first half dozen or so that began this series; I hope that’s something you can deliver – and soon.

A Loyal Fan

2 thoughts on “Heroes: Five Years Gone”

  1. How did you like that “epic showdown” behind the door? It certainly looked like a better match-up than last time!

    One glitch I noticed – Future Hiro says he tried to kill sylar, but didn’t succeed b/c sylar regenerated. However, in their universe, Clair was still alive – which means sylar DIDN’T regenerate – but he didn’t die, anyway. Makes me wonder if the whole thing is more complicated than it looks.

    Personally, I think that the writers (there are two, but I don’t remember the other one’s name) know EXACTLY where they’re going (season 2 is already mapped out, after all), they just haven’t shown us all the cards yet.

  2. I lost a lot of respect fofr the cop, since he becomes rather hard and wants to kill specials without seemingly giving a chance, almost like he’s going along with president Pettrelli’s plan of genecide.

    I also liked Hiro a little less since he’s killing police officers and guards who probbily are not in on the plot (I would think Hiro would do his best to avoid killing innocents.)

    I look foreword to next week’s episode.

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