Halo 3 Beta – Cracked Down

Due to some unfortunate timing, I missed being able to make the Friends & Family cut for the Halo 3 Beta by about 24 hours. I also missed out on the other previous opportunities for clinching beta invites due to not having an Xbox 360 when those options were available. But a gracious friend opened the door for me to get into the beta through the final (and what will undoubtedly be the most common) opportunity – the Crackdown option.

And today is the day that the Beta goes completely public, so of course, at the time of this writing, the Crackdown option is already cracked down. I’m actually not overly upset by this. Technical issues happen, and I realized several days ago that this one held the highest risk of breaking upon launch. It’s fortunate for me, then, that I’m forced to be at work today, so that I can’t sit at home to obsessively refresh “Bungie’s”:http://www.bungie.net homepage every five minutes for a status check.

I’m not optimistic about my chances of being able to download and play tonight – my gut tells me this may take a day (or more) to resolve. I’ll just have to sit back and continue to wait.

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