Bungie “released”: a beautiful little video of the Halo 3 beta, as recorded by Mr. Jukes. It’s a mouth-watering, tantalizing bit that promises an even more awesome multiplayer format for Halo 3 than we’ve enjoyed with Halo 2. So, Halo 3 is really going to be something.

There has already been a lot of analysis on the video leaks we’ve already seen, and I’m no interest in trying to rehash any of that. Most of the guys who’ve captured screens and shots have written up a much better analysis of stuff than I ever will. But I did nab a view quick captures that I either haven’t seen already or that I’m particularly intrigued by.

Mismatched Helmet

Silver helmet with red armor?

This was possibly the first thing I noticed that looked “out of place.” I wonder if it’s going to be possible to set up armor colors to be able to make one’s helmet a different color from the rest of the armor. Or, if the helmet will be all the secondary color. I suppose it’s also possible that this was some sort of glitch, but I’m thinking it’s probably not. Naturally, this isn’t a _functional_ thing – it certainly won’t affect gameplay at all – but it _is_ intriguing, nonetheless.

Spartan Mine

New feature – mines

We know we’re going to get a couple of new toys in Halo 3. I missed seeing the mine the first time I watched the video, but I noticed it the second time. I’m guessing that it’s either a proxy mine or some sort of triggered mine. My money’s on the first option, though, since it looked like it only exploded once the other Spartan got near it. I wonder if you can accidentally blow yourself up on your own mine. Probably.

Shotty Ammo

Only six shots, instead of – what was it? – 12?

The shotgun in Halo 2 holds quite a few more shells than it does in Halo 3. Unless it was a shotgun gametype, I don’t think I ever used all the ammo – and you could shoot for quite a while before having to reload. Six shots to reload seems like a good way to balance this weapon. I just hope it’s a bit more reliable and predictable than it has been in Halo 2.

Killjoy Medal

New medal – Killjoy

I want to know exactly what this medal is and what the criteria are to get it. It’s a new one – obviously – and it’s not clear from the video itself where it comes from. I wonder if it’s a result of ending someone’s killing spree. After all, that’d be a major killjoy for me.

Lots of good stuff coming in Halo 3, not least of which is going to be the Spartan laser, the man-cannon, the Mongoose, the personal lift, and much more. I already can’t wait to play.

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