I’m not sure how long it will stay, but I’ve got a new theme up. It’s hopefully a bit simpler to look at, and the way it’s built, it forced me to turn off a number of plugins. This should, in theory, allow the site to load quite a bit more quickly and hopefully eliminate my server overload problems.

And now that the weather is beginning to warm up again (hence, my depression going away) and my site looks a little less chaotic, I’ll see what I can do to get a few things written here this week.

2 thoughts on “Trimmed”

  1. It loaded much quicker than it used to. It’s funny, but what’s with the, “If you’re going to eat that, now would be a good time”?

  2. Good to know. Thanks, Susanna. I want my site to always be fun for my readers and not frustrating.

    Hehe, just a bit of my strange brand of humor. Now that I have a theme that easily displays taglines, I may start switching them around a bit for the sake of goofiness and stupidity. :)

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