Heroes Returns – In Theory

“Heroes”:http://www.nbc.com/Heroes is back this coming Monday, and does anyone actually remember where we left off? This ultra-long break has left me, for one, very disconnected from the _Heroes_ storyline. They had better give us a nice, long montage at the beginning of this week’s episode to refresh fans on what’s happening in the various storylines. I still don’t know what NBC was thinking, but it’s terrible form to string their audience out on a line like this. They do this with Season 2 and chances are good I simply won’t watch – DVD releases make it much more convenient to follow a serial plot than this start-and-stop method they’ve been doing.

No. I’m not bitter. Whatever would have given you _that_ impression?

Bad form, NBC. Shame on you.

One thought on “Heroes Returns – In Theory”

  1. I’m excited for this show to come back, but all of these breaks make it hard to get hooked on this show. Hopefully Season 2 will follow a stricter schedule and only take a break over the Holidays. Only a few episodes left, I look forward to getting this on DVD so I can watch the whole thing through.

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