Flash Drive Troubles

My flash drive and I are at odds this morning. It was working when I left the house for work today, but when I plugged it into my computer at work, suddenly it was no longer formatted – and would I like to format it? Of course not, I say, since that would mean I would definitely lose all the data on the drive. So, my flash drive has been set in a corner, where it will likely spend the rest of the day moping. I’ve had to download the Portable Applications Suite again and live with a version of Firefox that is a bit more lightweight than I’m accustomed to. I’ll try plugging it into my computer at home again tonight and see if I can force it to be cooperative, but I’m fearful that it may actually require a reformat – for whatever reason – to get it working again, and I’ll have to restore my flash drive from a backup. And of course it figures – I forgot to back it up last night, so the latest backup I have is a couple of weeks old. I can live with that, even if I’m not necessarily happy about it. Worst case scenario is that the flash drive is completely dead, which wouldn’t be terribly surprising, considering how hard I make it work. I’m going to keep my fingers crossed, though, and see what happens.

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