WP 2.1.2 and Webhosts

It is in upgrading to WordPress 2.1.2 that I am reminded of how glad I am that I switched webhosts. FTP speeds for Bluehost are already a thousand times better than what they ended up being for iPower. And the weird thing is that they _used_ to be good with iPower, as well. But over time they got progressively worse and contacting support got me nowhere. So, that to say that my website is happy in its new home and I have more power and flexibility to truly customize it the way I want to.

Interestingly enough, I got yet another email this morning from iPower’s support team saying they were transferring my server switch to a higher level tech who could help me – a week after I called to close that account. Makes me _doubly_ glad I switched because, otherwise, I’d still be waiting. I don’t know what’s happened at iPower recently, but they’ve gone from good customer support to a creeping monstrosity.

Oh, and WP 2.1.2 is now running happily, as well. I saw all the announcements and warnings yesterday but never had a chance to do anything about it. (And I wasn’t too terribly concerned – I’d upgraded to 2.1.1 _long_ before the cracker starting messing with the download package.)

4 thoughts on “WP 2.1.2 and Webhosts”

  1. I’ve timed iPowerWeb at a minimum 48 hour turn-around time. They must be having personnel issues or perhaps they’ve experienced some rapid growth recently — which would be surprising since they’ve dropped from a consistent #1 in cheap host ratings to #5 or below.

    I, too, switched to 2.1.1 some time before the cracker checked in.

    Do you (or any other readers here) use any of the Fantastico add-ins? I haven’t played with anything like that before due to limited database options, but I’m interested in playing with some after I switch. If you have, are some easier to adopt than others?

  2. Cree sent me over here. I admit that I’m intrigued by your recurring interest in speculative fiction. (Nice halo template.)

    I recently switched to WordPress myself, but I made the mistake of letting a friend give me “free” space on his server. I’m still working out the plan to get out from underneath the sick and twisted limits he put on my server access.

  3. Thanks for stopping by, Mark. I’m hoping to get back to writing more on the topic of speculative fiction soon.

    And yea, I’ve found that having my own hosting space is really, really nice – even better with being on Bluehost.

  4. Jean, I’ve really not yet looked at any of the Fantastico plugins to even see what they are. If I get a chance to explore them, though, I’ll let you know.

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