Tombstone and Desolation

The fans speak, and “Bungie delivers”: Word came down today that on April 17, two new Halo 2 multiplayer maps go live for download. Initially, talk was that Microsoft was going to release these new maps as Xbox 360 exclusives, an announcement that fans responded to with a great deal of animosity. Bungie quickly stepped up and said they would go to bat for their fans and urge Microsoft to release the maps to everyone with an Xbox Live Gold account.

Personally, I think Microsoft made a wise and fair decision in releasing these maps to everyone who owns Halo 2. It would have been “patently unfair”: to release them any other way. The two maps – “Tombstone”:, which is a remake of Hang ’em High, and “Desolation”:, which is a remake of Derelict – are maps I never got to experience in Halo: Combat Evolved. I’m pumped about being able to finally play these two popular maps and try them out in Spartan-vs-Spartan combat.

Good choice, Microsoft, and thanks for loving your customers so much, Bungie! We owe you one!

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