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Strange – over the past two or three days, my site statistics have spiked. Already today I’ve received 319 unique hits, nearly all from unknown referrers – and I’m really not sure why. The vast majority of these hits seem to be directed at my “Book Love”: entry from a few days ago. Again I’ve no clue as to why. Initially, I was thinking spambots, but the almost single-minded focus on this one entry would seem to preclude that idea (spambots generally run the gamut of archived entries). So, the only other thing I can think of is that someone submitted that entry to a social bookmarking site – yet I don’t see that site listed as a referrer, which naturally causes doubt.

So, anyone know if that entry got submitted somewhere? Or can anyone offer up a better explanation for the sudden spike in traffic to my site?

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  2. No, because when StumbleUpon refers people to my site, they show up as the referrer. I’m only getting Unknown as the referrer here. I’m not really sure _what’s_ going on.

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