Much Ado

I’m brain-burned today. Feels like someone aimed an unhealthy dose of microwaves right at my cranium and set it on ‘Well Done.’ Boom – crispy critterized brain goo. ((_”Would you like a hot apple pie with that?”_)) So much I wanted to get done today and so little actually accomplished. I supposed I should be more careful in the future to actually try to get more than five hours of sleep in a night.

Here’s the upshot – I have several entries planned out for the very near future. One is a book review that may fluff into two book reviews before I’m done – _Odd Thomas_ and _Forever Odd_. The former is already done and the latter is on the homeward stretch. I also have a movie review planned for M. Night Shyamalan’s _Lady in the Water_.

Additionally, I’m been continuing to pimp out Firefox and WordPress with all kinds of fun little toys and ‘gadgets’ that’ll make you positively drool. I believe in getting the most mileage possible out of my tools, and I’m making theses suckers _dance_!

I also have a bunch of stories begging for my attention. I keep trying to ignore them, but those baseball bats with the nails drilled through them are starting to look more menacing every day, so I suppose I’ll have to bow to their demands soon.

All that’s coming down the pike soon, hopefully after a longer night’s rest tonight so I don’t feel quite so much like whipped egg, fried over low heat, and served up to a horde of voracious junior high kids.

Oh, and do please check out the “previous entry”: – I still need more feet pictures. I’ve already had one willing -victim- participant. Anyone else wanna join in on this madness?

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  3. Hehe, good to know, Eric. I appreciate your saying so. A writer always likes to hear that his writing style is _liked_ by his readers.

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