It’s confirmed – 2GB is simply not enough space to store my entire music collection. And let me just say this – while I may not have all that many readers, I _do_ have some of the coolest. “One of my readers”:http://mercuryranch.org/blog was gracious enough to send me a used 1st generation iPod Nano she no longer had a use for. It arrived Saturday, and I spent the better portion of the day importing CDs into iTunes. I _was_ at least able to get the vast majority of music that I _wanted_ from my collection synced with the Nano. There’s still a handful of CDs and all my podcasts that didn’t make the cut, but I’m content with this – it gives me a way to listen to my music at work without having to rely on the latest (and crappiest) version of Windows Media Player (which just sucks all the RAM right out of your computer).

And let me just say that iTunes is fabulous. It made it super easy to import my music and organize it into playlists. Plus it can handle podcasts and, should I ever choose to do so, I can get music from the iTunes store that I can instantly put on my iPod. I know, I’m behind the game. Most of you probably have already experienced this.

I’m loving my new little toy, so a big thank you goes out to Jean for being awesome. I appreciate the generosity, lady. I believe I’m going to end up running this little sucker through its paces for the foreseeable future.

4 thoughts on “iPodded”

  1. Well, this one has certainly seen better days. To use Jean’s words (and they make me giggle with delight every time), “the bottom half of the screen is hosed.” But it still functions quite well, so no complaints here.

    Honestly, I never anticipated that anyone would send me something like this – but I’m grateful just the same. :)

  2. Ah, for the entire collection, you need the 30G 3rd generation iPod. Two years ago, I could fit my entire collection of music plus a large collection of audiobooks on it. These days, my collection is too large.

    I’m not ready to update that one yet, though. But, frankly, now that I’m not on an international flight every month, I don’t use it much. The 80G iPod Photo does make me drool, but I’m holding out for at least another generation or two.

    I’m delighted the little guy is doing you some good. It was just sitting on my dresser lonely and ignored.

  3. Yeah, I’ve actually had my eye on the 80GB iPod. But I kind of like the idea of having music, photos, and movies all in one place like that. I’m such a geek. :-D

    Oh, it’s definitely getting some lovin’ now. :)

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