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Just a quick thought as something of a longer-than-usual aside: In the beginning of _Heroes_, Mohinder Suresh did these contemplative voice-overs, both at the beginning and at the ending. They were beautiful and rich, even if I didn’t necessarily agree with the some of the ideologies behind them. They set a certain kind of tone to each chapter of the story as it unfolded. Then I noticed that the voice-overs were only coming on one end of each chapter, usually at the beginning. And now, they’re gone completely, and I miss them. They’re a part of the _Heroes_ atmosphere and environment that have been completely dropped – and for me, they’re absence is painfully noticeable.

Apparently, Kring ran out of philosophical ideas for his chapter bookends. ‘Tis a pity.

6 thoughts on “Heroes Voice-overs”

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  2. I didn’t notice that the bookends were missing, but I usually miss the first few minutes of Heroes anyways. When I did hear them, I loved them.

    I think that philosphoical ideas for bookends adds a certain depth to the otherwise “Hollywood” plots.

    Maybe they slowed down as Mohinder’s importance in the show was coming to a halt. After his last run in with Sylar, I doubt he’ll be up and running around like he was. I don’t think he’s going to die, but he’s either going to find out how to save himself through the research he found from Sylar, or he’s going to be hurt and afraid for a long while.

    I wish this show would be on this Monday.

  3. I loved the voice-overs, too, and I really miss them. In fact, the last couple episodes have felt “unfinished” to me without them – I keep saying “Wait, that can’t be the end of the episode!”

  4. SO TRUE!!! That’s one of the things I loved about this show in the beginning.. Not only did I get the intensely suspensful plot, but just about every episode made me go, “hmm.. that’s an interesting thought”

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