FoS Redesigned

I’ve just finished a complete site redesign on “Flashes of Speculation”:, giving it what is, I hope, a unique and attractive layout.

I built this template – called Speculation (for obvious reasons) – from the ground up, stripping the necessary files down to the bare code to keep WordPress running and then builing everything back up around that. The result is a light-weight, minimalistic theme that serves to display just three categories (four, technically, if you count the announcements field at the top) on the front page in a 3-column format. In this case, I wanted to separate out the three primary genres of fiction that FoS specializes in, give a single-line teaser, and a link to the full post. The archives are structured in a similar manner, albeit in a single column, and the page navigation can be found in the footer.

Unfortunately, this theme will not be offered for public release at this time. Due to the specialized nature of the theme, it’s a beast to configure, and I haven’t the programming knowledge at this point to automate everything in the Dashboard or make the selection of categories and pages in the various places more efficient. That _is_ something I will likely research for a 2.0 release to the public. For the time being, however, simply enjoy the theme on FoS and feel free to let me know of any bugs or glitches you notice.

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