I’m curious – does any ever refer to or use the calendar in my right sidebar? Because if not, I’m tempted to remove it.

2 thoughts on “Calendar”

  1. It’s handy for seeing when a post has been made and for going to a particular days posts. I do my initial reading of your site on Bloglines and only come here when I see posts I want to respond to.

    (And I’m trying to figure out why I have to re-enter my info every time I comment — I didn’t think I used to have to do that. Is it the site, or is one of ZoneAlarm settings hosed?)

  2. Yeah, that’s part of what I use the calendar for – for me, I just like the encouragement of seeing links up there for most days in a month.

    (I’m guessing it’s your browser. The information stays in plays because of saved cookies. Sometimes, the cookie will expire and the browser will take longer than normal – like a day or so – to save it again. I’ve no idea why. I sometimes deal with this with other blogs I read, as well.)

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