WP 2.1

All the blogs hosted here have now been upgraded to 2.1.1. Ajay over at Techtites has “bundled _just_ the files that were changed”:http://techtites.com/2007/02/21/wordpress-211-and-209-released/ to make it that much easier for folks to upgrade. It definitely cut my upgrade time down significantly. So, if you’re running either WP 2.0.7 or WP 2.1, go over there and grab the appropriate upgrade package.

And be sure to tell Ajay thanks.

Author: Jim Stitzel

Jim cultivates interests in a variety of areas. He is an avid storyteller, specializing in (dark) speculative fiction and webcomics. He is also a professional code wrangler and dabbles in amateur photography. He and his wife are first-generation farmers who run a 40-acre farm in central Indiana, where they raise horses, goats, chickens, bees, farm-fresh vegetables, and fruit trees.

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