Reviving Flashes

I really _would_ like to get “Flashes of Speculation”: into a much more active status – more submissions coming in, more interaction from readers (both on the site itself and on the “discussion board”: I’ve created for it), more of everything that will launch it more into the public eye. Unfortunately, though, marketing has never been a skill of mine, and I’m just plain out of ideas of things to do to advance its visibility.

So, here’s where I’d like some help and suggestions from my readers. What could I do to advertise FS a bit more broadly and make it more well-known? Where are places I could go and sites that might be interested in doing link exchanges? And are there any graphicly-minded folks out there who might be willing to donate a couple of banners and buttons that FS could put into circulation for folks to post on their sites? Any other ideas that I’m sure I missed?


4 thoughts on “Reviving Flashes”

  1. Encourage readers and contributors to link back from their own sites/blogs? It would be in their own interests for contributors to do so I would think. Sort of a “go and read my story, please” deal. A button or banner that they could put on their site if they choose could be good on that front too.

    In terms of link exchanges, you could perhaps try the links of MicroHorror ( as they do specfic too without being commercial.

  2. Hey Jim, in all seriousness, check back with me in August. I have this unrealistic idea that I’d like to take some time off to get back into the writing foray, and I get the feeling you could be quite helpful in that regard, if you’d like. Really though, I’m sorry I don’t write nowadays. Darn it.

  3. It’s all good, Eric. I understand the general busyness of life. Heck, I haven’t even had time to write fiction in the last couple of months myself. But yeah, I’ll keep you in mind come last summer.

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