Pick Up the Pace

When it comes to allowing a book, movie, or TV show to develop its setting and characters, I consider myself more patient than most people. I realize that sometimes it takes a little time to set things up properly so that the climax of the story is as awe-inspiring as possible. Where most people are saying – “Move it along a little, buster. When does it start to get good?” – I’m saying – “Give it a little longer, folks. The best part is yet to come.”

That said, I think Tim Kring needs to start stepping up the pace of _Heroes_ a little. I enjoy a plot that takes a little longer to develop because it generally means that the characters will be fleshed out more fully and the audience will better identify with their plights. And as much as I’m enjoying watching Kring’s characters learn about their powers and how to control and use them, I’m starting to think that things are dragging on just a _might_ too slowly, even for _my_ tastes. Granted, he’s got a rather extensive cast and multiple story arcs to cover, and 60 minutes a week is _not_ a lot of time to tell a story. But I fear that if he doesn’t pick up the pace a little, he’s going to start losing some of his viewership. After all, Hiro has barely moved toward the object of his power in three episodes now, and this exchange with his father and sister seemed almost superfluous and irrelevant to the plot itself. ((In fact, it seemed only like an opportunity to get George Takei involved and less of a mechanic to forward the storyline.))

We’ll see how things go from here, of course. It looks like maybe events are going to pick up the pace a little, and if so, I think that will be a great thing for the show itself. I really like _Heroes_, and I’d hate to see it fall on its face because the writer and producer can’t keep his audience’s attention.

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