News Flash for Blogger Beta Users

This just in – for all of you Blogger Beta users who have been considering switching over to a WordPress site but haven’t yet done so because you didn’t want to lose all those entries and comments, you’re in luck. There is now a solution – an “import script”: that transfers everything (and I mean _everything_) from Blogger Beta to WordPress. ((I’ve no idea when or if this has been integrated into, yet, but if you’re going the way of a hosted service, this plugin works for you.)) The script imports Blogger labels, performs the transfer in stages (excellent option to keep from destroying your server’s bandwidth), maintains permalinks, and is even Haloscan-friendly. So, if you’ve been considering this for a while now, your last excuse for not doing so is gone – and I _do_ highly recommend you make the switch. You won’t ever be sorry you did.

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