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I like all things “WordPress”: So, when I heard about “bbPress”: – discussion forum software done by the WordPress folks – I figured I’d try it out. And I do like this most recent version. I also like the “Navigation”: theme that I used for a while, enough so that I wanted to port it for use with bbPress, which I’ve done.

You can preview the theme live at “Forum Shamus”:
You can download here:


Navigation for bbPress

Simply upload the navigation folder to your my-templates folder and select it from the Presentation menu in the admin panel of your bbPress installation. Then, sit back, and enjoy!

Please post and bug reports or feature requests for this theme “here”:

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*2007.06.18 (v1.3)*

* added code for nested child boards
* combines the list of “Your Tags” and “Others’ Tags”

*2007.06.17 (v1.2.2)*

* bug fix

*2007.02.19 (v1.2.1)*

* corrected small stylesheet error
* validated for xhtml compliance

*2007.02.16 (v1.2)*

* stylesheet cleaned up
* option included in stylesheet to add right sidebar
* bug fixes for IE6 formatting

*2007.02.15 (v1.1)*

* Hot Tags moved to a sidebar
* forums table now spans entire width

*2007.02.13 (v1.0)*

* original release

20 thoughts on “Navigation for bbPress”

  1. Thanks for noticing that. The link you were trying to use was actually an outdated one generated by an attachments plugin I’m using. The correct link is actually up above the screenshot and will always contain the most recent version of the theme.

  2. Love the theme but the tag box is shoving the layout off in IE6. Compared my source to the source of yours and they appear the same. Any idea where to look?


  3. Bob, what’s your screen resolution? I’ve found that the theme works best with higher resolutions. It doesn’t really look all that great with 800×600. In fact, I just checked out your forum from my computer and it looks just fine. So, I’d recommend changing your resolution to something a little higher. I think you’ll see a noticeable difference. Barring that, I’d recommend modifying the stylesheet for the tag box and make it narrower until everything fits on your screen properly.

  4. Hi Jim,

    I traced the issue to the tag cloud when it shows in 22pt font. I have deleted one of the tags for the tag that was causing the problems.

    A long tag (Fred Thompson) in larger font caused the sidebox to overlap the main content box, regardless of screen resolution. Problem is IE6 not recognizing the overflow:hidden in the css.

    I can see the font sizes in the tags.php file,
    tag_heat_map( 9, 38, ‘pt’, 80 );
    but these control the tags on single page display, where are the 9 and 22 point tags that go in the sidebox called from?


  5. Bob, the function you’re looking for is located in the bb-includestemplate-functions.php file and is called tag_heat_map. You can adjust the maximum size of the tags from there. Bear in mind, of course, that this is an edit to your bbPress core files and will have to be made again every time you update (unless you write a plugin to adjust it automatically, in which case there may already be a plugin that someone has written for this purpose already; I just haven’t looked).

  6. Thanks Jim,

    Works perfectly, now I can maintain the layout in IE6 until the world updates to a real browser.

    The tag_heat_map can be found around line 1519

  7. re: Ian – No, my WordPress themes aren’t supported anymore. I haven’t had time to update them for recent WordPress versions. If by some chance I’m able to update them soon (unlikely), then I’ll add the downloads back to the site.

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