Ok, in theory, my entire site should now be indexed with tags using the Ultimate Tag Warrior. I’m sure I probably missed a post or two, plus I don’t think any of my asides or linklog entries came through the archives (which is actually fine, since those are technically already categorized in and of themselves). The “site index”: is looking rather full and intimidating, but it _is_ interesting to me which terms are most prominent. I tried to tag each entry using what I felt were the most important key terms. It’s makes for a highly diverse spread of search terms, but it should make it really easy for readers to simply click on a term of interest and read down through every single entry on my site that pertains to that term. It’s kind of cool, really, and I’m glad I did this.

I may play a little with the way the index page outputs tags, so if anyone has a preference for the look of tag clouds that makes them easy to read through, let me know. After all, the site index is there for _you_, not me.

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