In Which We See Whether Harry Lives or Dies

The final installment of the Harry Potter series, _Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows_, is “set to be released on July 21st”: This is music to my ears, especially considering that I wasn’t expecting it until next summer. Rowling says that two more characters will die in this one. You won’t find any predictions from here as to which ones, though. Rowling has been deliberately tight-lipped about it, refusing even to provide hints as to whether Harry himself will survive his trial with Voldemort. But the cast of characters she has created is broad, so there is hope yet that not only Harry, but Ron and Hermione, as well, may yet live to tell the tale.

And now we wait. The end is near. Who will die? And who will triumph?

One thought on “In Which We See Whether Harry Lives or Dies”

  1. I wish that book would come out a bit sooner. I can wait for the movies, but the books are so much better. You can read them a million times and find something that you didn’t catch before. I’ve heard rumors that Dumbledore is somehow still alive. they might just be rumors, but you never know.

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