And I don’t mean of the Dairy Queen variety (though I _do_ like those very much).

I think I know what it’s like to trek across the frozen Antarctic with the wind blowing ice crystals to the horizontal and drifts of snow three and four feet deep. You could almost believe that you’re out in the frozen wastes.

Today has been a good day for hunkering down inside where it’s warm and cozy – and aside from the occasional foray to walk dogs and feed horses, we’ve done just that. The road in front of our house is covered in six inches of snow, and the main highway that runs a little further away is virtually empty but for the periodic glimpse of twirling yellow lights. Chances are good that tomorrow we’ll be stuck at home, as well – and I don’t think I mind much. The respite from work is always welcome.

I’ve actually enjoyed the snow this time around. It’s been a good opportunity for rest. I’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

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