WP 2.1

I updated this blog and one of my others to WordPress 2.1 last night. (Of course, that doesn’t really affect me much since I was already running 2.1 RC1.) I’d have done more, but for some reason my FTP upload speeds to my server are terrible at the moment. What should take under five minutes has been taking the better part of ten. I haven’t decided yet if it’s an actual server connection issue or if my USB flash drive has simply slowed down. That’ll be something I probably test today.

2 thoughts on “WP 2.1”

  1. Mine’s been crawling lately, too, and I’m working off my hard drive.

    The wp-includes directory may as well be being uploaded one bit at a time. Groan.

  2. I put in a service request to my provider today. Took me a couple of email exchanges, but they finally forwarded it on to a tech crew to look into. Haven’t heard a thing since then. I’ll probably try upgrading another one tomorrow and see if anything’s changed.

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