Darn it – I think the web ate a couple of the comments I left on separate blogs last night. Either that, or I’ve suddenly been flagged as a spammer – I can’t decide which.

7 thoughts on “Ouch”

  1. Yep. I found your comment on my “keyed up” post caught in the spam net. I’m not sure why that happened but I freed and released it and it is now happily swimming with the other legit remarks.

  2. I usually check my spam, but I’ve endured such spam storms lately (several hundred spamments at once) that I’ve simply deleted them. Hope one of yours wasn’t in there, but I think the blog recognizes you reasonably faithfully.

    Or have you been talking to yourself again by commenting on various of your own blogs to verify things are working after the upgrade?

  3. Nah, I’d commented on Jim’s blog and one other, only to have both sucked up by the spam filter.

    I’ve noticed the recent resurgence in spam lately because several have actually made it past Akismet. As a result, I’ve started running Bad Behavior on a trial basis to see if it cuts down on the amount of garbage that gets through. So far, just by looking at Akismet’s queue, I like what I’m seeing.

  4. I ran Bad Behavior for awhile before implementing Akismet. I ran it in tandem with Spam Karma 2. I may reconsider reinstalling it to team up with Akismet.

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