New WP Theme

I love this new “WordPress theme”: I’m using. Honestly, it’s nice to be back into three columns. I’d realized a while back that in a 2-column setup, my sidebar was pretty cluttered (my archives, categories, and blogroll just keep fluffing), but I hadn’t found a different theme that I liked better. I’ve become something of a fan of minimalistic themes, and while this one isn’t quite as lite as some of my other options, it _is_ still pretty clean and crisp and nearly javascript-free (if it even has any; I really haven’t taken the time to study the code that closely). And of course, it’s widget-happy, which makes me happy, since I have a lot of custom sidebar content and widgets make it really quick and easy to move that content around. Plus, I love the whole WP-dashboard look.

So, enjoy the theme. Unless something truly egregious shows up, it’ll be sticking around awhile.

2 thoughts on “New WP Theme”

  1. Yeah, the more I use it, the more I like it. Makes me wish I had the time to build WP themes of my own, instead of borrowing them from other people. :)

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