Mud Is the New Color of the Season

One downside to owning livestock is that, no matter what the weather outside, you have to be out in it at least twice a day. This has definitely been an unusually wet season, and coupled with the falling temperatures, makes it quite miserable out there. But, making sure the horses are all tucked safe and dry in their stalls makes it worth it. It just makes their human caretakers wish for Spring’s arrival all that much more. I got a nice reprieve from the elements this weekend upon going out of town, but now it’s back to business; and hopefully this will be the worst things get for us as we develop our land for our four-footed friends. Honestly, it _is_ nice to be home, however much work it sometimes involves.

As Dorothy once said, there’s no place like home.

2 thoughts on “Mud Is the New Color of the Season”

  1. I meant to say those are some nice looking horses you have.

    We don’t have livestock on purpose, but the neighbor’s cattle tend to either jump the fence or push it down to get to our “greener” pastures. Boy, do they leave a mess as they track up the place.

    Our neighbor on one side has a nice, solid fence. The other side? It needs a lot of work, and we’re not at the place enough to do much either. That should change over the next year and a half. We just found a house in town near the ranch, so we’ll gradually move our stuff there and converge. My stuff will move when I retire — maybe hubby will leave room for me as he moves his stuff up from the present house. Looks like we’re closing in March, so nothing but anticipation until then.

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