Computers – Bane or Boon?

I grow increasingly weary of the high computer security paranoia in my workplace. I’ve gone to some trouble to find ways to run a handful of my favorite programs from my flash drive. Most of them work great from there, thanks to the hard work of a number of open source programmers. But one in particular is again being blockaded simply because a couple of key .dll files are missing from the system directory. Should be a simple fix, one would think – download the missing files and put them into that directory. Not so easy, of course, because it seems there is a major network lockdown on the system directory on all computers in my office. Nothing gets in or out of that directory that isn’t directly approved by the powers that be. Which figures – Heaven forbid that I actually be allowed to work with rich text files.

Much as I love my computers, in this case, network security is the bane of my existence.

3 thoughts on “Computers – Bane or Boon?”

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  2. Heh, that’s funny — Within the nature of *my* job/work/gig/whatever, I’ve actually grown to *appreciate* network security. ~8) It is, on seldom occasion, inconvenient… but it’s also nice. [I have my own network drive nowadays, for instance, that only I and two other people can access.]

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