Blogger Agonies

I’m reminded again of why I’ve always refused to use Blogger as a public writing platform. Apparently, the whole system is once more puking its guts out all over the web. Services were down for a while a little bit ago, and now the silly thing is telling me that I look like a virus or a spambot whenever I try to leave a comment on anyone’s Blogger/Blogspot site. I have a feeling that it’s yet another problem with their much vaunted Beta program.

Seems to me that Blogger users would such a lot fewer headaches and problems if they’d all simply switch over to “WordPress”:, which is a much more powerful system, anyway. I’m pretty sure that WP still has that handy-dandy import script for the original version of Blogger (last I checked, the Beta version was causing the import script a few hiccups) that’ll drag over all entries and comments. I’ve yet to see crash on itself or suffer a suspension of services (that aren’t scheduled).

So, all you Blogger folks out there, this is an earnest recommendation to switch over now. I know _I’m_ getting a little tired of Blogger not allowing me to interact with your sites.

3 thoughts on “Blogger Agonies”

  1. I imported two Blogger blogs into WordPress a couple of months ago. I had to categorize them — they went to the default category. A few post titles got lost in the transfer, too. Other than that, no problems.

  2. Yeah, it generally goes pretty smoothly. I switched to WordPress from Xanga, and this slick little script I used moved everything over in a matter of minutes with zero glitches. It let me consolidate all my writings and comments in one place with minimal effort on my part. It was great.

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