A Conflict of Viewpoints

Man, I really hate “falling under a label”:http://tamino.wordpress.com/2007/01/17/this-blog-is-different/ that seems to generate so much animosity and antagonism from folks in the scientific community – that being, in this case, Creationist (as opposed to the term ‘denialist’ that is also mentioned). It honestly makes it difficult for those of us who are genuinely interested in the study and research in those fields to actually have calm, rational discussions with these folks because they’ve already labeled us as ‘quacks’, ‘kooks’, and ‘idiots’. We never even get a fair shake to ask our questions because as soon as we do, we’re blown off with some sarcastic, derisive answer. I am actually quite hesitant to identify as being with any one particular camp exactly because of the reaction I know I will get – I _hate_ being written off just out of hand. It kind of annoys me, really.

I’ve deliberately subscribed to RSS feeds from a number of science blogs recently because I want to stay abreast of the things that are being discussed in the scientific community. I have to admit, though, that I have to grit my teeth through just about every single one because the comments and snide remarks directed at Creationists and people of faith who hold opinions and beliefs that differ from those popularly recognized in the scientific community set me right on edge. Granted, a lot of this animosity some of these folks bring on themselves due to ill-informed arguments and general ignorance, but some of it is truly undeserved, as well. There’s something about people of faith being involved in science that almost instantly seems to generate the hostility of secular scientists. It makes it tough on those of us who do belief in a literal 6-day creation but who also want to be involved in, at the least, the discussions going on around the scientific community.

Consider me a true skeptic, I guess, who also holds Creationist beliefs. I know _I’m_ not going to get in your face about things, but I _will_ look at the evidence presented with as impartial a mind as I can.

So, I guess I’d just like to see the hostilities dialed back.

3 thoughts on “A Conflict of Viewpoints”

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  2. I know what you mean. I’m not a creationist, but I’m interested in a variety of viewpoints. Last year, at the height of all the media attention directed towards “intelligent design,” it was difficult to find somebody with whom to have an intelligent conversation about the subject. There were (in my community, which consists mainly of academics, techies, and Unitarian Universalists) few who would do more than snort dirisively.

    It’s a shame, really.

  3. It’s nice to see this response coming from someone who’s _not_ a creationist – it means it’s not just me who’s noticed. I’d love to have more open communication with the scientific community at large. I think we could collaborate very nicely together, if so many weren’t so deliberately antagonistic toward those of us who hold religious beliefs.

    You’re quite right – it _is_ a shame.

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