Gone LiveJournaling

My plan for blogger global domination has taken the next step – I’ve created a “LiveJournal account”:http://writersbloglj.livejournal.com/. More importantly, I’ve installed a WordPress plugin that will automatically crosspost new entries here over on LiveJournal, as well. So, while WordPress continues to be my blogger headquarters, I will now be taking over _both_ Xanga and LiveJournal with my writing and technical prowess.

Actually, I created the LiveJournal account because there _are_ a handful of blogs over there that I like to comment on from time to time and, like Xanga, LJ does not make it easy for non-registered _folken_ to comment on blogs there. Finding the LJ crosspost plugin simply provided me with another good reason to set up an account.

My LJ blog has only a handful of my posts from here, but all future entries will appear there from now on. Crossposting to LJ _could_, in theory, be another way to extend my readership. I’m not holding my breath waiting on it, mind you, but it’s fun to play with the idea, at least.

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