Per a “request”: from “L. Lee Lowe”:, I wanted to write a brief review and overview of a podcasting aggregator called “Doppler”: I “mentioned the other day”: that I’ve been using a little program to download and collect three speculative fiction podcasts. Doppler has been my software of choice for this. It’s a very simple little program, making it very easy to add a podcasting feed to the list and retrieve mp3 files whenever the feed is updated with new content. ((I don’t recall if it’s possible to have Doppler automatically check for new content at a predetermined time each day or not. I’ll have to look for that feature next time I’m at home.)) It saves all the files in their own subdirectories for easy reference. Doppler will also create a playlist in your favorite media player to make it really simple to listen to all the files in sequence. Overall, I’ve been really pleased with Doppler. It’s simple yet powerful – exactly the way an application should be.

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