“Yay, first post!”

Here’s one I don’t really get. I mean, I ‘get’ it, but I don’t ‘get‘ it.

I keep my ear to the ground for Halo-related videos – machinima, montage, etc. A lot of these videos get posted up on public forums – i.e. a discussion thread with the link to the video download. It’s a pretty streamlined way of doing things, allowing people to post comments and feedback on the video in that same thread.

Here’s my question, though. Just how big of a social loser do you have to be where you consider it something grand and fabulous that yours is the first comment in response to the video? Specifically, when that response consists of “downloading now edit when i’ve watched it.” Has anyone heard of “15 minutes of game?” In this case, though, I doubt the ‘fame’ in question even makes it 15 seconds. I dunno – just seems like if you get your jollies from being the first poster in a video thread, then you _really_ need to get a life.

For what it’s worth…

2 thoughts on ““Yay, first post!””

  1. I can see it both ways — I can really admire someone who can derive joy from such a simple and insigificant act.

    However, yes, *in absence of otherwise appropriate social stimulation,* it really is sad.

  2. [Oh, and, heh, yes, I realize most typically it’s probably not joy they’re deriving but just a nyah-nyah-I-got-here-first sense of pseudopride. Or something like that. Childish, anyway.]

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