Vision Correction

Could be I’m strange, but I always look forward to getting a new pair of glasses. Today I had my first eye exam in five or six years. ((It’s nice having medical insurance again.)) My eyes are happy and healthy, though I’m getting a slight boost in my prescription (which was expected). My astigmatism in one eye is completely gone and almost negligible in the other, which is a nice change because it means I now have the option of contact lens without actually _needing_ reading glasses. So that’s an option for down the road that has a certain appeal. ((This is especially true for those days when I have to go out and work in the rain.)) And of course the new frames I’m getting are one of the more expensive ones in the store, but these have that Flexon technology that means I can pretty much bend them whatever way I want and they’ll bounce right back. Nice for the guy (like me) who manages to be fairly destructive sometimes. Plus, the lenses are getting tricked out with an anti-glare coating and Transitions technology. With all that, I’m not sure I’m even going to _want_ contacts. I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning!

Oh, and the wife has been upgraded to a sexy new frame, as well, with a boost in her prescription and Transitions technology. We be stylin’, Mon!

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