Six-Word Science Fiction

Here’s mine:

“Our plan to save humanity failed.”

“Warp technology perfected. Found ourselves lost.”

“Moved through timed. Neighborhood still sucks.”

“He died at her hands. Again.”

Your turn.

5 thoughts on “Six-Word Science Fiction”

  1. “Ideal: I deal. So there. Die!”

    “One mop and no lobsters? Oops.”

    “Don’t hit that red button again–”

    “The Leptorian triumphed, the “lower-class” rejoiced.”

    “Ergo, you have already been here.”

    “My, what pretty lasers you have!”

    “Moon prettier from here, send postcard.”

    “Mom? Oh, right, out shopping — Master?”

    “Holy smokes, that’s not a walrus!”

    … etc. A lot. ~8)

  2. incredibly funny! Eric, yours are good, but i’m not so convinced they’re as sci-fi-ish as Jim’s. Either way, I wish I had these capacities more-at-hand..

  3. Eric does make one think twice about responding … good stuff. Here’s what I had … just because this is fun.

    “We come in peace … yeah, right.”

    “Resistance is futile.” “We love futility.”

    “But what are all those eggs?”

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