Release Date Madness

Have you heard about the hardcore gaming fans who lined up in anticipation of the shelf-date for the PS3? These are the folks who braved the cold, the wet, and the elements to secure their copy of this limited supply ((At least for now.)) item. They are also the folks who reportedly decided that a little physical brouhaha would make things better and increase their chances of getting their system.

These are also the folks at whom I scoff and laugh. I suppose it’s cool that they love their hobby ((Read: addiction.)) so much that they want to be one of the first to experience the latest and (supposedly) greatest technology in the industry, but I think they’re insane. There’s nothing that a little time, patience, and debugging won’t cure. For one thing, the cost on most video game consoles tends to drop, given enough time. For another, nearly every console initially has bugs and glitches that need to be worked out. A little patience will not only get you a video game system at a lower price but it will save you hours of headaches if you simply wait until they work the kinks out.

So, to you who sat outside and shivered and slept on cold concrete (and even ended up, in some cases, with black eyes), I just want to let you know that I was at home, in my warm bed, happily sleeping. I hope it was worth it for you.

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