Image Zappo

I must say that I really, really like the “Adblock extension for Firefox”: In addition to just being able to clear all those really annoying advertisements that many sites have, if you come across an image that bugs you on a site you frequent, just adblock it. Voila! No more annoying image. I sometimes forget I have this installed, so some images annoy me for far longer than they ought. Lately, I’ve been using to block disturbing avatars on a couple of forums.

One thought on “Image Zappo”

  1. You know it!!
    I also like the list that shows all page elements that you can wildcard out..
    “*” was one of the first!! It’s great for those pesky flash ads that you can’t right-click on.

    When I need to boot into Windows (all twice a year) where I haven’t installed adblock yet, I go crazy.. it’s like another internet.. “what’s with all this junk on the screen!!”

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