“Eric Bailey”: has what may be the “most profound statement on understanding faith”: that I’ve heard in quite some time. He recaps the story of Abraham and Isaac, the sacrifice commanded by God on top of that mountain, and Abraham’s unquestioning obedience. Eric also points out the impossibility of faith, the juxtaposition of two things that cannot both be true. Powerful, dynamic faith not only believes that both can be true but that both will occur. Surely, Abraham both believed that God would make a great nation from Isaac and that he would sacrifice his son. Hebrews states that Abraham actually believed that God would raise Isaac from the ashes.

Here is the most notable quote from Eric’s thoughts, the summary and point of his contemplations:

You not only have to know that the mountain will move, but that it is impossible to move it.

And you must know both without any doubt.

… Get it yet?

Faith is something of a divine madness — It transcends understanding, it transcends words, feelings, expression, life…

Or, at least, it _should_.


Go give the whole thing a read. He makes a most insightful point.

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