Change of Political Campaign Tactics

Is it just me or does it get increasingly more difficult to vote each election cycle? I don’t know how it used to be 20, 30, even 100 years ago, but in the last 9 years, since I became eligible to vote, it seems like the political demagoguery has become even more juvenile. Rather than seeing politicians with a plan and positive agenda to make things better in our local, state, and federal governments, what I see are young, immature preschoolers throwing temper tantrums and verbally slapping one another around.

Part of me keeps hoping beyond hope that _someone_ will figure out that the American public is tired of these mudslinging campaigns, that political candidates will, in fact, remember that the best campaign is one that tells what they can actually do and contribute, instead of one that drags their opponents’ names and characters through the mud. The thing that is so hard about voting is that no candidate ever seems qualified for the job anymore. We know all too well why _every_ candidate is wrong for the job – every campaign ad proclaims in large letters and loud voices why political opponents ought to be locked up in a jail cell in the deepest, darkest dungeon somewhere, why every political opponent is somehow personally responsible for high crime rates, high taxes, and poor public services. No candidate seems able to tell, though, why _they_ are best suited for the position for which they are running, let alone what their plan is to improve every service in their care, should they win that seat.

I know it’s too much to hope for, but the idealist in me persists – I’d love to see just one political candidate run on a platform that never once resorts to mudslinging and that focuses solely on telling me that candidates qualifications and plans for bettering his government for the people he (or she) represents. I’d love to see even just one campaign that is built upon a solid foundation of truth rather than one slapped together on lies and misrepresentations. Chances are good that candidate would have _my_ vote in a heartbeat.

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