I feel like there’s a lot going on lately. I’ve actually been looking at my involvements and trying to decide if I need to start cutting back on some things, handing of some obligations to others and focusing on the ones that are most near and dear to my heart. I’m tempted. I’m sorely tempted.

I have blog entries to write – if only I can clear out some time. I have even more stories that I need to get on paper and others that I need to polish, clean up, and submit. I’m also now involved in a new project that has huge potential for fun times, one that I’m hoping to be able to say more about in the near future. I have some “clan fiction”:http://forum.tiedtheleader.com I want to write, am actually writing. The first chapter’s rough draft is done, just needs a little spit and polish. And what’s particularly fun about this is that one of my fellow clan members is a talented artist and is going to do an illustration or two per chapter. I’m writing in Stephen King’s Dark Tower universe about a new clan of gunslingers. It’s going to be an epic that personally involves each of the online personas of those clan members who want to get involved. There will likely also be some cross-universe interactive collaboration with another writing clan member at some point in the future. Halo meets the Dark Tower meets the Gunslingers. It’s gonna be big, I tell ya’.

For now, I have work obligations to tend to. More to come in the next few days.

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