Front-End Updated

The “front page”: of my website has been updated. The splash page I had there was simply too difficult to keep current, since it involved those roll-over graphics. And since I’ve taken some parts of the site down and added others, it was just simpler to replace the splash page with another “WordPress”: blog and use it as a content management system. That will be the place to check for all new site updates, including announcements of new stories at “Flashes of Speculation”:, changes or upgrades (or simply _activity_) at the “forum”:, and new articles here (but of course, you’re already subscribed here, right?).

I have a wiki on this site, as well, but I haven’t really figured out what to do with it yet. I’ve primarily been using it as a place to archive some writing that belongs to a friend of mine, but I’ve been considering working on expanding it into an archive for writing resources – links, how-tos, etc. That, however, will be a much larger project than I can ever do alone, so I won’t even bring the wiki to the surface unless there’s a certain level of interest from others in helping out with something like that. And there may not even be that much of a need.

So, just out of curiosity, anyone interested in helping build a Writer’s Resource area?

Have anything to add to the conversation?