Potlucking It

Quick note before I dash off again.

  • I’ll be telling you all soon about an interesting and exciting new writing project I’m starting on with several others. Details to follow in the next day or three.
  • I have a book review I need to write up on “Tobias Buckell’s”:http://www.tobiasbuckell.com/wordpress/ _Crystal Rain_. Again, details to follow in the next few days.
  • Lots of stuff happening lately, including the possibility of adding another 30 acres to our property. Lots of research going into this, and we’ll see if things go through.
  • Good night of Halo last night. Good friends, good games, lots of laughs. Makes me want to jump again real soon and play some more.
  • I’m working on polishing a short story. I missed my August submission goal, but I’m going to shoot to have this one done in the next two to four weeks. I want to finish up this first draft, get a critique, revise again, possibly go for a second critique, do a final polish, and submit. That’s the plan, folks.

Aight, I’m audi…

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