Weekend’s End

I think this was the most relaxing and enjoyable birthday weekend I’ve had in a few years. My wife and I actually took a 3-day weekend and spent much of the last three days just relaxing and spending time with family. Highly enjoyable. Deeply refreshing. Just the thing I needed and a great way to spend a birthday.

I’ve added another “tool” to my writing toolchest – a “leather executive desk chair”:http://www.staples.com/sbd/img/cat/enl/s0110220_enl.jpg. My old chair was a yard sale purchase a few years ago and has since seen its fair share of use and abuse. I wouldn’t have it now if my in-laws hadn’t bought it for me. My old chair got donated to my wife, whose own desk chair was in an even worse state of disrepair. I expect this new one will be inspiration for many a good plotline in the coming future.

I also got to experience the joy that is Outback Steakhouse on Saturday. Many, many friends have told me I have _got_ to try it out since I didn’t know what I was missing. Well, since someone else was picking up the tab, we went to Outback. And it is every bit as good as advertised. Bloomin’ Onion, 8 oz. prime rib (cooked medium rare), Shrimp on the Barbie. Very yum. It will be done again. And soon.

I took part in my first “Liberty Hall Writers”:http://www.libertyhallwriters.org flash fiction challenge this weekend, as well. For 90 minutes I was locked in my office, music down low, writing madly to beat the clock. The final product was dark and grisly and checked in at 904 words. Reviews and feedback begin tomorrow, so I’m anxious to see how I did my first time out. It was challenging but great fun. Can’t wait for Friday to arrive again.

Two more story ideas added to the list. Man, I’ve got to find some more time to write (which might not be as difficult as one might think; this chair keeps calling to me).

“Flashes of Speculation”:http://open-dialogue.com/fs has had record traffic the last three days running, and we’ve had contributions from a couple of ‘new’ writers. I blame it those of you who have helped to promote the site. Thank you. Here’s hoping it continues to grow.

I think that’s about it for now…

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