More from the Driver’s Seat of a Horse-Drawn Carriage

“GenCon”: weekend in Indy is always an amusing and interesting time to drive carriages. The things that you see downtown:

  • Apparently the years have not been good to Darth Vader. He’s both shorter and rounder than his last appearance. Spending too much time in the Los Eisley Cantina, perhaps?
  • This one is _not_ related to GenCon attendees – a grandma leading her three grandkids into the mall? The grandma’s outfit? Shorts, and just a bra beneath a large-weave fishnet top. I think I could have gone all my life without needing to see that.
  • Also not related to GenCon – a group of four adults came up to pet my horse. Afterwards, they all broke out the hand sanitizer and proceeded to ‘bathe’ in it for the next five minutes. Honest, folks – my horse had a bath before coming out to work.
  • I had to do a double-take on this one. I’m used to seeing homeless people with their cardboard signs asking for handouts (“God bless”). So when I first saw the cardboard sign next to the convention center, I almost waved it off. Then I noticed that the text was different – “For sale: Longsword, shield chainmail.” Only at GenCon.
  • Apparently, the night before, there was an epic battle between Jedi along the Canal Walk district. And from what I hear, time has not been especially good to the Jedi, either.
  • R2D2 was captured by Boba Fett and then taken to a nearby parking garage. Not word on what happened after that, but there was quite a bit of squawking, beeping, and squeaking coming from the 2nd level.
  • Fairies, pixies, pirates, and anime characters abounded. Swashbucklers, fire jugglers, and knife throwers also were present.

As I said, good times. It was a very entertaining evening that passed by very quickly. I only wish I could have had the time and money to buy a pass to the convention myself. I can pretty much guarantee I would have been geeked out.

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