Going the Cycle

My latest and greatest curveball is up over at “The Curveball Conspiracy”:http://curveballconspiracy.blogspot.com/. Michael O’Mahoney, owner of the site, had this to say about “Going the Cycle”:

Completely mental… I loved it.

That brings a goofy, satisfied grin to my face.

Go check it out! And give The Curveball Conspiracy a little lovin’.

3 thoughts on “Going the Cycle”

  1. Heh, and I felt like that one was actually pretty tame (though my wife hated it; she’s never been a huge fan of flash fiction because it doesn’t tie up enough of the loose ends).

  2. I like flash because it gets right to the point. And I don’t think the loose ends always need to be tied up. Sometimes it’s more fun to leave them loose.

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