Technical Difficulties

Somewhere, somehow, the database for this blog experienced a hiccup overnight – a very prolonged, drawn-out, and most probably painful hiccup. I’ve no clue what caused it, other than something exceeding the maximum of mysql queries at some point. Apparently web servers don’t like it when this happens because suddenly you notice that the database has crashed and no amount of coaxing and cajoling will lift it from its dejected state. Believe me, I tried. Fortunately, customer service for my provider is really rather good – a 10-minute wait on hold this morning followed by a 2-minute conversation, and the database was given some sort of powerful stimulant to allow it to go bouncing along its merry way again.

And all the world’s children rejoiced. Presumably.

So, if, by some far-off chance, you tried to leave a comment last night and were unable to, well, you can -live- breath again. Everything is up and running and happy.

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