Stream of wha…??

Some things just _have_ to be shared…

(2:24:27 PM) Me: there’s a reason I tend to put off calling customer service until the last possible moment, unless i really have to.
(2:24:38 PM) Her: lol
(2:24:39 PM) Me: never yet met one that was less than extremely painful to deal with.
(2:24:54 PM) Her: like pointy pins?
(2:27:26 PM) Me: pointy, jagged pins
(2:27:33 PM) Her: lol
(2:27:38 PM) Me: great amounts of blood.
(2:27:41 PM) Me: and screaming.
(2:27:49 PM) Me: and tickling of very tiny clowns
(2:28:28 PM) Her: wha?!??
(2:28:29 PM) Her: lol
(2:29:22 PM) Me: well, you know – those tickled clowns. very painful to watch. and hear. and see.
(2:29:28 PM) Her: lol
(2:29:28 PM) Me: nightmares
(2:29:31 PM) Me: psychological trauma
(2:29:38 PM) Me: there might even be peanut butter involved.
(2:29:46 PM) Her: Ha! LEaving… NOW!
(2:29:47 PM) Her: :)
(2:29:50 PM) Me: and you know _that_ never goes well

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