Enhancing That Toolkit

A couple of days ago, “Flood”:http://floodflashes.blogspot.com “asked a question”:http://floodflashes.blogspot.com/2006/07/your-toolbox.html – if you had to limit yourself to three tools or items in order to write for the rest of your life, which three would you pick? Conversely, I keep thinking of things that I want to add to my toolbox, things that would make it easier for me to spend time writing.

One thing I’d love to nab is a laptop computer. Right now I’m tied down to two PCs – one at work and one at home. So, in order for me to be able to write, I have to be in one of those two locations. Having a laptop, with wi-fi, would give me a greater degree of mobility and flexibility on the ‘when’ part of writing.

Item #2 I’d like to add is a flash drive, particularly in the 1GB range (since, in addition to file storage, I would be using it run my “portable apps”:http://portableapps.com). Having the ability to instantly plug in my files to any computer would also make the writing process a thousand times easier. As things stand currently, I have to burn my files to CD-R (would that it was a CD-RW) in order to transfer my projects-in-progress between locations. Not particularly efficient, let me tell you.

Those are the two major tools pressing on my mind that I’d like to _add_ to my writing toolkit right now. Now just to do something about that money flow problem I’m having…

What about you? What tools would you like to add to your own writing toolkit?

4 thoughts on “Enhancing That Toolkit”

  1. Things started going way faster for me when I got the laptop. You seem to know a lot of techie stuff, could you customize a used one?

    One thing I should get, and I’ll be posting about this next week, is a little recorder. Dictaphone? And if I had my ‘druthers and dreams, a typist.

  2. Yeah, probably could. I’m not looking for anything fancy – just a basic laptop, Windows O/S, CD-R drive, wi-fi card, enough RAM to keep the silly thing from crashing every couple of minutes, and a coupla USB ports. Beyond that, I’ve got the software covered. (Most of my powerhouse hardware and software probably belongs on my PC, anyway.) If my finances ever settle out, I’ll start putting a little cash aside here and there until I have enough to buy a basic system. One of these days… Heh, I’ve got a wish list longer than my arm. ;-)

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