Discomfort and Euphoria

Well, after two days of hard work, much of our yard is finally free of fallen trees and debris, barn wiring has been re-run, portions of the grass mowed, fencelines mended, and things generally closer to being what they are supposed to be. The body aches, though, and I feel as though the palms of my hands have been flayed – or at least rubbed really fast with sandpaper. It’s all worthwhile, though, to have some of these nitty-gritty items out of the way.

At long last DSL service has been reacquired at home. Internet was something my wife and I had to give up for the past 6.5 months when we moved. Finances have only just now allowed us to purchase service again. I am hoping that this will provide me with greater opportunities to write. It also means that I am back on Xbox Live, which is something else I sorely missed. (Yes, I’m a geek.)

I have several articles coming about some of my writing thoughts. Look for those over the course of the next few days.

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