How’s _this_ for a teaser?

It’s the biggest royal ball of the year. Dozens of beautiful couples dance around the floor. The men are all dashing and handsome. The women are all stunningly gorgeous.

Then a woman whose beauty is so radiant that she makes all of the other women in the palace look dull and ugly by comparison descends the grand staircase, bringing the ball to complete halt. The men all want her. The women all hate her.

And the one man who won’t treat her like something to be owned is the only one who doesn’t even notice her.

I think it’s going to be a work of fantasy. Surely there is some sort of magic at work here…

10 thoughts on “Teaser”

  1. Hey, nice teaser. Definitely got my interest. I’ll be interested in reading the completed story. Look at my site and at my newest story. Let me know what you think.

  2. It is, kinda. The idea behind the story is this: I’ve read a lot of stories over the years about the ugly one that no one pays attention to, at least not until some special individual is able to come along and see through the physical ugliness to the inward beauty and bring that beauty to the front, thus revealing a beautiful princess. But what if it was reversed? What if everyone was gorgeous but one, and what if she far outshone all the others? What kind of tale would that be, especially when there is someone is completely immune to this beauty, who is able to see through it and realize there is an actual person behind all that radiance? That’s the basis for this story, and I’m looking forward to completing it.

  3. Kinda, actually. Hadn’t thought of that, but it is kind of similar. I’m not exactly sure how all the details will play out, but it certainly will be fun to find out!

  4. Oh, I definitely agree. It’s weird how even the author of a story may not know how it’s all going to turn out until it’s done. And thanks. I’m looking forward to having some good writing time in the next few days.

  5. hey Jim? I hope you are not thin skinned.
    I love the premise but honestly think it’s a bit
    tired. too Clint Eastwood – again not that I don’t
    love Clint but just a thought

  6. Nope, not thin-skinned at all. I love the feedback. And yeah, it’s a theme that’s been beat around a bit, though I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one approached from quite this direction before, hence my fascination with it. Of course, just because I opt to write it doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll end up getting sent out anywhere. Might just be something I do for my own practice and enjoyment. We’ll see…

    Ok, I’m intrigued. Too Clint Eastwood? How so? I have to admit, Eastwood never came into my mind when picturing this scenario. I think of Clint, all I can see is Dirty Harry, and that’s a bit too rough and gruff for a setting as perfect and free of visible marring as this one. Then again, I’m not a huge Clint Eastwood fan, so I’m sure I’m missing the obvious connection here.

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