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Ok, now I’m curious (based on which of my latest entries have actually received comments). A simple request, if you please: if you read my blog, whether it be through my RSS feed, through my email subscription, or through regular visits (or even just happened upon my blog accidentally), I want to know what draws you to my blog. What do you read? What topics interest you the most? What would you like to see me write about more often? What would you like to see me write about _less_ often?

I just want to get a feel for the type of readership I have, and frankly, I’m not opposed to adjusting the content of my writings to match my readers’ interests. So please, lurkers and regular commenters alike, lend me your feedback and responses here! I’m genuinely curious!

8 thoughts on “Reader Interest Poll”

  1. I like any blog that’s well written. For instance is a wonderful blog about one woman’s challenge with her mother’s descent into Alzheimer’s. Generally though, I think my interest right now is held by writing-related blogs, so I can learn more and see other people’s experience in the industry.

    Still, it’s important to use the blog for your purposes, be it personal or a specific theme. Something will always resonate with someone, whether they comment or not.

  2. Ah, very true, and you can probably tell the ways in which this blog reflects a few of my more passionate interests and pursuits. It’s also interesting to see how my interests cycle – I’ll write about theology and philosophy for a couple of weeks, then I’ll switch over to writing almost exclusively about, well, _writing!_ I think I’m back in one of my writing cycles.

  3. I think variety is just fine. I tend to be more interested in your philosophy/theology posts. But I sure don’t have any problem skimming over the others that might be more intereting to someone else.

  4. I usually read via bloglines but click over now and then just to check out what you’re reading and other stuff.

    I’m a big Stephen Lawhead fan, btw.

    I don’t think my opinion should change what you write about, but I’ll give it to you anyway. I generally skip right over the gaming and science fiction posts. I read your posts about writing and skim everything else.

    The only thing that gets in the way sometimes is that many of your posts are, well, long. It’s probably just me, but my eyes go buggy when they’re confronted with that much text. I was about to say “my mind goes buggy” but that’s not a very long trip at all.

  5. Thanks for the input, Jim. It’s actually a little bit of an irony that I find myself in – on the one hand I myself find it difficult sometimes to find the time I need to read long articles on other blogs, yet on the other hand I find that when I get fired up about a topic, I end up writing quite a bit myself. I do get a little aggravated sometimes because I feel like people just don’t have the attention span that I think they should (especially a problem with the younger generation), but I don’t know to adapt my writing to fit what seems to be a rising trend. I suppose one option is that I could break some of my longer articles down into a series to make it easier for my readers to keep pace. It’s something I should think about.

    I doubt highly that I’ll actually change my content much, if at all. If it captivates my attention for longer than a few minutes, chances are good it’s going to get written about. But it _is_ nice to know which entries are getting the most attention from my readers.

  6. Yeah, I just wrote my own long post today… right after I left that comment, in fact. I’ve broken posts down into series a few times when they started to get long. What amazes me is that even when I write the occaisonal longer post, people do still read it. So you should probably take my comments with a grain (or maybe even a full shaker) of salt.


  7. After reading today’s post I realized that I always read anything you post about WordPress, especially since we both are using the 3K2 theme.

    Oh, and while I’m on the subject of your theme, I really appreciate your Plugins page. I found a couple of gems there that I added to my blog.

    Now if you could only get your Contact, Quotes, and Archives pages working… ;)

  8. Thanks for the feedback, Chris. Glad you have found the plugins page so useful. I know I’m always on the lookout for useful addons to my WordPress, so I figure there are others out there who are also on the lookout.

    The problem I’m having with the Contact and Quotes pages involves a problem with Textile breaking the tag that I insert into the pages to automatically generate the code necessary to display the information there. Unfortunately, it’s not a problem I’ve been able to solve and numerous contacts with the authors of the plugin have led me nowhere. So, I’m at an impasse there.

    I just checked my archives page. It works perfectly, so I’m not sure what problem you’re having there. If you will describe the problem to me you’re having, I’ll try to troubleshoot it for you.

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